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Our Leadership Team

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer at kmwa. Kevin is responsible for making all major corporate decisions, managing overall operations, communicating with c-suite leadership, and setting the company’s strategic direction. As the “Face” of the organization, Kevin is responsible for setting the tone, vision, and culture at kmwa. 

Kevin has over 20 years of Aerospace, Defense, Government, and commercial consulting experience working in both the continental USA and abroad.  Kevin is a Veteran of the USA Army (Retired), with over 20 years of active military service.  Kevin holds a BA in Organizational Leadership and Development from Wheeling University (Wheeling, West Virginia – USA) and an MBA from Frostburg University (Frostburg, Maryland – USA), as well as several professional certifications.

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell is the Chief Operations Officer at kmwa. As a senior executive, Sarah oversees the daily business operations and administration by assessing and enhancing efficiency of operational processes and collaborating with management and stakeholders to evaluate company performance, policies, and overall strategy.  Sarah provides management, leadership, and vision to ensure kmwa meets its short and long-term objectives.  Sarah also provides mentorship throughout the organization to ensure strategic plans and cultural goals are achieved.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in several commercial sectors to include Energy, Education, and Healthcare.  Sarah holds both a BS and MA in Public Administration from the University of Maryland (USA). Sarah is a Project Management Professional PMP certified and a graduate of the Emerging COO course at Stanford Business School.

Rajesh Patel

Rajesh is the Chief Financial Officer at kmwa. As a senior executive, Rajesh is overall responsible for helping kmwa achieve its financial objectives.  Rajesh supervises the cash management activities and oversees the development of money-saving strategies and investments.  In addition, Rajesh manages the accounting processes, and he provides recommendations to the CEO and other executives regarding all financial aspects of the firm.

Rajesh has over 20 years of experience providing accounting, investment, and financial services within the banking industry.  Rajesh holds a BBA in Financial and Investment Analysis from Shaheed Sukhdev College (India); a Charter Financial Analyst Certification (CFA – India), and an MBA from Georgetown University, (USA).


Bipin Pandey

Bipin is the Chief Technology Officer at kmwa. Bipin’s primary responsibilities are to lead the technical teams in everyday operations of the firm . In addition to these responsibilities . As a senior executive, Bipin makes high-level decisions regarding the firm’s technological infrastructure and ensures that these are in alignment with business goals, as well as relevant laws and regulations. He oversees the development of long- and short-term IT needs, overseeing system pin manages the technology teams responsible for tracking, analyzing, and monitoring technology performance metrics, identifying new technologies that improve the firm’s products/ services, and presenting reports.

Bipin has over 15 years of experience providing information technology instruction, as well as services and support to several university and commercial businesses in India.  Bipin holds a B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering degree from AKTU Lucknow (India) and a M.Tech degree from JNU (India).

Jennifer Foster

Jennifer is the Chief Human Resources Officer at kmwaAs a core member of the leadership team, Jennifer oversees the HR department, and manages the development and administration of all employment regulations for the firm. As the Chief Human Resources Officer, Jennifer regularly collaborates with the CEO and other executives to assist in the development of business strategy with a focus on balancing employee needs with the firm’s interest. In addition, Jennifer oversees teams specifically tasked with developing and implementing Talent Acquisition solutions, and wellness initiatives that improve the workforce.

Jennifer has over a decade of experience providing HR related support to several state and federal government agencies.  She holds both a BA in Business Administration and an MBA from the University of Virginia (USA). Jennifer also holds several certifications to include SHRM-SCP and PMP.