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Content Planning For Business Success

Creating a content plan is crucial to the success of any business’s marketing strategy. With a content plan, businesses can get a holistic view of the tasks needed to be completed and how the content will aid in achieving their marketing goals.

Here is how to create a successful content plan for your business in 7 simple steps:

– Define your goals

First, define the goals you want to achieve with your marketing strategy. Determine your motives (or your “why”) behind wanting to create the content.

– Plan themes for your content

Creating a content plan that reflects your goals requires deciding on the type of content you want to share with your audience. Choose themes you want to cover — such as tips, industry updates, behind-the-scenes content, company news, employee spotlights, and product education and updates — then use this to guide your content creation.

– Brainstorm campaign and post ideas

Next, begin drafting campaigns and post ideas that are in line with your marketing strategy. Start by observing your competition’s blogs, podcasts, or other social media content for inspiration. However, be sure to put an original spin on your content, as copying competitors’ work without ingenuity can reflect poorly on your business.

– Decide on the type of content mix you want to create

Generally, your content mix should be about 60% curated and 40% original, and each post should be related to your themes and aligned with your business goals.

– Assign responsibilities

Publishing content on time is crucial, especially when you’re promoting an upcoming event or sale that requires ample preparation. To ensure your content strategy goes off without a hitch, delegate responsibilities to your staff.

– Write captions and schedule content in advance

Before you write any captions, decide on the tone your business would like to have in its online persona — be it informational, fun, or formal — and determine what hashtags to include.

– Measure your results

Just as social media is constantly changing, your content strategy will continue to evolve to better suit the needs of your audience. Measure your results to determine how your content is aiding in your overall goals by looking at how your audience engages with each piece of content.

Obviously there are more details that should be worked out and explored when developing a content plan. Your strategy can only be successful if your audience actually sees your content. Let KMWA help you to developed a solution that provides results.