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HR Outsourcing

For some of our clients, HR outsourcing is the best of both worlds: they gain access to high-touch HR support offerings, and they remain the employer of record for their respective companies. Utilizing an outsourcing service can help companies save time and money.

Here are seven important HR outsourcing benefits:

  1. A partner, not are placement, for in-house HR teams

Companies with lean HR departments are the best fit for HR outsourcing. Offloading time-consuming daily tasks such as payroll, recruiting, compliance, employee leave of absence, learning and development, and onboarding frees internal teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

  1. Retained control over day-to-day operations

Some companies fear outsourcing HR will lessen their autonomy. However, most HR outsourcing solutions allow employers to maintain authority over hiring and firing. Though solution providers may offer procedural guidance from employment and compliance experts, employers are always in control of staffing decisions.

  1. Customized benefits strategies

One size certainly doesn’t fit all regarding employee benefits strategies. Large businesses with significant insurance bargaining power may aim to unbundled insurance. Many HR outsourcing models can accommodate this and are structured to allow employers to contract comprehensive HR services and support without being required to come under the umbrella of a different group plan.

  1. Process automation and consolidated key data points

Because businesses remain the employer of record in HR outsourcing engagements, sensitive employee data must remain under their control. As such, they should choose an HR outsourcing provider whose technology is built on an open architecture platform and can integrate into their existing systems (i.e., time-tracking, applicant-tracking, etc.). Businesses can continue using their preferred platforms and gain the advantage of an HR partners industry-leading technologies.

  1. Dedicated customer service

Every outsourced HR solution provider claims to provide superior customer service, but unfortunately, they do not always deliver. Selecting a solution that will support your business strategies is key value add.

  1. Customizable HR solutions

Many HR providers re-package the same structure (and pricing) for all customers. Choosing an HR partner that explores your specific business needs and proposes a customized solution to match your organizational structure, budget, and precise workforce needs is another key value add.

  1. Added value

Many prospects are merely satisfied with their HR provider without realizing the possibility of obtaining a much higher level of value for their investment. Each of the benefits listed above is important individually, but when evaluated cumulatively, the amount of support and expertise delivered by the right HR outsourcing solution dramatically heightens a company’s return on investment regard HR funding spend.