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Business Process Improvement (BPI)

While BPI doesn’t have a universally accepted definition, at KMWA, we view this function as the analysis, review, and improvement of ANY existing business process; or in some cases, developing new systems, tools, technologies, and/or processes, that enhance business operations.

Our BPI suite of services for recent customers have included:


  • – Evaluating current business practices
  • – Designing new organizational Branding, Marketing, and Sales Strategies
  • – Implementing new technology solutions and recommending other digital transformations
  • – Implementing Six Sigma and/or Lean Systems


While this list is not all inclusive, our process will assist organizations in identifying inefficiencies, redesigning programs, systems, and/or technologies in a manner that is supportive of overall goals.

Process Mapping & Analysis

A visual representation of workflows allows organizations to see the bigger picture, pinpoint bottlenecks, and recognize opportunities for enhancement. Our approach simplifies complex processes, making them more efficient. 

  • Capturing current workflows 
  • Identifying pain points and redundancies 
  • Optimizing for efficiency 

Lean & Six Sigma

By employing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, we help organizations eliminate waste, reduce process variation, and drive consistent quality, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and financial savings. 

  • Principles of Lean for waste reduction 
  • Six Sigma for process consistency and reduction in variation 
  • Real-world success stories 

Technology Integration

In today’s digital age, automating business processes is the key to staying competitive. We assist in integrating the latest technologies, ensuring processes are not only faster but also smarter. 

  • Benefits of automation 
  • Integrating technology with existing workflows 
  • Exploring technologies like AI, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and IoT for BPI 

Continuous Improvement Culture

BPI isn’t a one-off project; it’s a mindset. We work closely with organizations to foster a culture where every individual is empowered to seek better ways of doing things, driving ongoing evolution and growth.  

  • Employee engagement in improvement initiatives 
  • Tools and methodologies for ongoing refinement 
  • Celebrating wins and learning from challenges